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Storage tips

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Packing Boxes:

  • Distribute the weight evenly in your boxes, not all on one side.
  • Boxes should be filled completely and lids closed.
  • Boxes should be tightly sealed with packing tape.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom, lightweight items on the top.
  • Heavy items should be packed in small boxes for easier lifting. Lightweight items can go in larger boxes.
  • Pack all your items as tight as possible. Avoid leaving open space where items can shift. A good rule of thumb is to pack the unit one quarter at a time.
  • Store fragile items in dresser drawers

Packing Your Unit:

  • Do not store items directly on the ground.  Use pallets or other ground covering.
  • Place frequently accessed items at the front of your unit.
  • Use shelving to organize your items and fully utilize the height of your unit.
  • Create an aisle to get to the back.
  • Place heaviest boxes on the bottom to avoid damage.
  • Stack boxes of similar size together.
  • Create an inventory of your storage items.


  • Label all sides of the boxes for easy identification.

Tables and Chairs:

  • Apply furniture oil to wooden pieces before storing for added protection.
  • Disassemble if possible, wrapping legs with paper pads or bubble wrap to avoid scratching.
  • Place any hardware in a plastic bag and tape to the underside of the table.
  • Wrap the table top with cloth or paper pads and place against the side of the container, not on the bottom.

Upholstered Items:

  • Pack couches on their feet, with a second couch inverted on top of the other for protection.
  • A single couch can be placed on end, using paper pads to protect the arm rests.


  • Original boxes work best.
  • Keep all corresponding cords wrapped and stored with the equipment.


  • Place mattresses and box springs in a protective bag, and place along the side of the container. Do not place directly on the ground, use a crate to keep off the cement.


  • Vacuum rugs before storing.
  • Sprinkle with moth flakes.
  • Store rolled up, tied with a rope, and pad with paper pads.


  • Wrap both the shade and the base.
  • Shades should be placed in individual boxes with wadded-up paper in the empty spaces.


  • Tie bed rails together.
  • Use mattress covers for mattress and box springs.

Bicycles and Tools:

  • Clean the item.
  • Cover with a sheet or moving blankets to protect your other items from being torn.
  • Small tools can be placed in a box together.
  • Long handled tools should be taped together.


  • Wardrobe boxes are best for storing clothing.
  • Place shoes and folded items in the bottom and use the metal bar to hang others on the top.
  • If storing wool items, use cedar chips and/or mothballs to prevent moth damage.

Mirrors and Pictures:

  • Wrap mirrors and pictures in paper and bubble wrap and pack in a mirror packing box.
  • Do not lay mirror boxes flat, store on end.
  • If possible, place between a mattress and box spring, or place on the side of your container.
  • Mark them as fragile.


  • Clean thoroughly before storing.
  • Drain all water and leave doors slightly ajar to prevent mildew.
  • Tape down all moving parts.
  • Store all cords with the applicances.  Tape loose cords down.

Books and Papers:

  • Pack in small boxes for easy lifting.
  • Pack books flat to avoid damaging their spines.