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climate control storage

Mildew resistant storage

Iowa Weather -- HEAT, COLD, HUMIDITY

Resulting in possible damage to your valuables. Climate controlled units will reduce the damage caused by humidity and temperature fluctuations by keeping the temperature from falling below 50 or rising above 80 degrees.

Determining Mildew Control Needs:

Climate Control: Important if storing upholstered items, business goods or archive documents as a few months in a damp self-storage environment could damage them.

Non Climate Control: The humidity in any non controlled location can cause your furniture to warp and your appliances to mildew. Leaving a space between your stuff and the unit’s wall allows for air to circulate within the unit. Laying plastic sheeting on the floor and stacking boxes on top of wooden pallets can prevent condensation damage. So can using old linens or other fabrics, instead of plastic, to protect from dust.

Benefits of Premier Storage climate control:

A Premier Storage climate controlled unit will provide the following benefits:

  • Highest degree of protection for your belongings in self storage.
  • Limits exposure to extreme temperatures and high humidity.
  • Reduces the humidity in the air.
  • Protects stored items from rapid changes in external temperatures, preventing, cracking, splitting, aging.
  • Provides a cleaner environment by filtering dust particles from the air, keeping your belongings clean and fresh.
  • Maintains a comfortable humidity level that prevents mold and mildew, while keeping paper and wood from warping.
  • Increases your personal comfort when moving goods in and out of storage or when visiting the facility. The hallways are climate controlled too!
  • Is ideal for storing:
    • Leather goods
    • Fine furniture
    • Musical equipment
    • Pianos
    • Crystal/glassware
    • Photographs, negatives and slides
    • Books
    • Electronic equipment/devices
    • Computers
    • Fine linens and clothing
    • Mattresses
    • Business files/records
    • Oil paintings
    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Retail inventory items